In Memoriam dr. Kozmai Kún Miklós-András

(1923 október 10 Budapest – 2023 márc 23 Brüsszel)

Kozmai Kún Miklós-András testvérünket Isten nyugtassa!

Az 1989-ben újra szervezett Brüsszeli Magyar Protestáns Egyházközség alapító presbiterének a temetésére 2023 március 29-én, szerdán délelőtt 11 órakor kerül sor a La Chapelle Royale-ban, 2 rue du Musée, 1000 Brüsszel. — Egyháztörténeti szempontból is fontos könyvet írt. Nicolas Kun de Kozma: Onze siecles de rélations Belgo–Hongroises et Luxembourgo–Hongroises (A belga–magyar és a luxemburgi–magyar kapcsolatok tizenegy évszázada). Bruxelles-Kolozsvár, Magyar Ház – Maison de la Hongrie kiadása, 1999, 384 p Sajtó alá rendezte Makkai János.

Véronique családjának sok erőt, vígasztalást kívánunk.

Emléke legyen áldott!

Jegyezte dr Hermán M. János nyugalmazott református lelkipásztor, a gyülekezet egykori lelkésze.

Dear Mrs Veronique,

We were saddened to read the news about our late brother, Monsieur Miklós-András KUN de KOZMA, whose name we respectfully write. May God rest his soul.

He was a fatherly friend to me, his actions were characterized by love and wisdom, and he reached out to many people. In the Hungarian Protestant Church in Brussels he was a pillar of the congregation, as he held an important presbyterian position as long as he could. It is so touching that he even wrote to me on the last day of his life. He was a noble man, and I thank God that I had the opportunity to know him. We have fond memories of your parents. We share the family’s grief and cherish the memory of your dear Father for as long as we live.

Unfortunately, we could not be present at the funeral, illness hinders us. During the funeral service, I sang and prayed, and I read from the Bible:

“I have fought that noble battle, I have finished my run, I have kept the faith, and at last the crown of righteousness which the Lord will give me is laid before me” (2 Timothy 4:7)

I informed current and former Hungarian members about the time and place of the funeral service, and about 77 people expressed their sincere condolences with these words: “May he rest in Peace”!

We are proud of your father’s scientific activities and valuable Hungarian-related work.

We wish you and your children much strength and comfort

My wife, Hannie, and I remain with loving memory:

János Hermán M., Reverend emeritus of the Protestant Hungarian Church in Brussels.

Zwolle, April 3rd, 2023

Megjelent a Zwollei Harangszó 20223/3-4 számában, mely teljes egészében letölthető innen.